Sarah Burton:  Most Inspirational (voted by the team)

Wow!  Sarah has won this award 2 years in a row!  That certainly says something about  how she truly inspires the majority of the team!  Last year Sarah took a short break from hard training as she had a baby girl in July.  Even with a 6-week  break, Sarah was still in the top ten for attendance!  Obviously we are all glad you are back in the pool.  Hats off to you, Sarah!


Linda Hepworth & Annette Coholan:  Top Sharkette of the Year


Linda Hepworth:  Linda took on the challenge to attend more meets and to attack.  She only earned 157 points in 2017, but made 440 this year, making her #2 for meet points!  As they say in Australia, “good on ya, mate!”  I know she has her eyes on the meet agenda this year, but she is also at the final stages of releasing her book on swimming. Kudos for Linda:  she helped a Mud Shark relay make the TOP TEN IN THE WORLD!  She was ranked 7th in the nation in her 200 meter back, and was on 5 relays making the top ten in the United States.  Linda was also 4th overall in her age group for Pacific Masters top ten.  Go, girl, go!


Annette Coholan:  Annette is so dedicated, hard-working, and helpful to the Mud Sharks!  She was #1 for attendance and #3 for meet points.  Annette was on a WORLD-RANKING RELAY as well!  Individually, her 1500 meter free earned her an 8th place spot in the nation.  Annette also helped 4 Mud Shark relays make the U.S. Top Ten.  In the Pacific Masters Overall top Ten, she was 3rd in her age group. Last but not least, she was our November Swimmer of the Month.

Whew!  She is one talented lady!  Oh…AND she keeps track of the attendance and meet points all year!


Greg Laudenslager:  Top Shark of the Year

I wonder if Greg ever gets tired of earning this award…hmmmmm…being #1 for meet points by over 200 points?   I guess not! Greg is never a slacker at workouts or at meets and always goes the distance.  He was #3 for attendance and helped 5 Mud Shark relays make the United States Top Ten.  And…he was #2 in his age group for Pacific Masters Overall Top Ten!  Here’s to another successful year!

Greg is also the keeper and schlepper of our team tent, banner, and heaters!


Patty Alushin:  Most Improved Mud Shark

She who did no fly is now swimming fly without fins!  She who would not go first in her lane is now doing that (well…sometimes!)  And talk about improving her speed…..Patty is now swimming 4 X 100 frees on the 1:30!  Patty was #7 for attendance and was our February Swimmer of the Month.  Keep up the hard work!


“Come-Back” Kid:  Don Pierce &  Maggie Tevis


Don Pierce:  After overcoming huge obstacles in 2017, Don swam some of his best times in years in 2018!  He is on fire at workout!  Don joined Linda, Annette, and Don Soroka in getting a Mud Shark relay into THE WORLD TOP TEN! Individually, his 1500 meter free was 8th in the nation.  Don swam on 4 relays that were ranked in the United States Top Ten, and he was 6th overall for his age group in the Pacific Masters Top Ten.  His last feat…he was our October Swimmer of the Month.

Thanks also, Don, for those creative Swimmer of the Month collages you do!


Maggie Tevis:  From having difficulty getting out of bed, walking, and lifting her arms out of the water last January, Maggie went on to help 3 Mud Shark relays make the Top Ten in the United States!  She was #3 for attendance, 6thoverall in her age group for Pacific Masters Top Ten, and was our Swimmer of the Month for March.  Keep up the good attitude and keep up the attack!


“Big 5” for Attendance:  Annette Coholan (182), Don Pierce (142), Maggie

Tevis (140), Greg Laudenslager (140), Bill Adkison (124):


Bill Adkison:  Some of you probably don’t know that Bill attended the very first Mud Shark practice back in January of 1990!  He is very loyal to the team and keeps on training while listening to his body due to a medical condition.  Bill has been compiling our top ten listings for years, and we appreciate him for that.

Thanks for all you do for the team, Billy!  Oh…and Bill was our September Swimmer of the Month.


“Big 5” for Meet Points:  Greg Laudenslager (671), Linda Hepworth (440),

Annette Coholan (414), Eric van Boer (352), Don Pierce (250)


Eric van Boer:  Even while being at the bottom of his age group, Eric managed to earn enough points to be #4 for meet points.  He actually racked up 352 points versus the 164 he made the previous year!  As for helping out the team, he recruited 2 young wringers (Thomas and Kenneth) to compete as Mud Sharks at the Long Course Champs!  Eric swam with those two on relays making the US Top Ten…one was ranked #3!  He was also on 2 other relays that were listed in the US Top Ten.  Overall 8th in his age group for Pacific Masters, you will hear more from Eric starting May of 2019 when he officially “ages up” to 65.  He plans to attend the Masters World Championships in Korea this August.  Good luck with your swimming this coming year!  Oh…and thank you for being our “Photo Show King,” putting on those fun Best of the Year photo shows every year!