Sarah Burton:  Most Inspirational (voted by the team)

Sarah likes to leave at the top or bottom of the clock and likes patterns with the sets at practice.  She wants to know the sex of her future baby so she can make all the plans accordingly.  And we adore her!  She keeps everyone motivated at workout with her energy and leadership.  Besides that, Sarah was ranked #2 for attendance, helped 2 relays make the U.S. Top Ten, and was our August Swimmer of the Month.

 Nick Arrigo:  Rookie of the Year

Nick joined us early in the year after not swimming for quite a few years.  His passion is water polo, so we lost him for awhile as he coached a high school water polo team.  He is such a talented swimmer and has added some zest to the evening and Saturday morning workouts, making Greg work even harder!  I can’t wait to get Nick to a meet this year and to put together some fun relays.  Oh..and he’s a new dad as well!

Annette Coholan: Top Sharkette of 2017

Talk about one driven Kiwi chick!  Annette was #1 for both attendance and meet points!  She was ranked 6th for her age group for Pacific Masters Swimming; she helped 3 relays make the United States Top Ten; and she was our July Swimmer of the Month.  Annette is probably the most efficient attendance and meet point keeper I have ever had!  Thank you, Annette!

Greg Laudenslager:  Top Shark of 2017

As we all know, Greg is an animal in the pool.  After working hard at a very physical job all day, he gets in and pushes himself to the limit.  Of course his positive attitude at practice makes the evening sessions so much more fun. Greg had the most meet points of all the men and was ranked #3 for attendance. He helped 3 relays make the United States Top Ten. Greg was our December Swimmer of the Month.  And wasn’t he the best-dressed pirate at the awards party?

“Big 5” for Attendance: Annette Coholan (178), Sarah Burton (133), Greg Laudenslager (130), Don Pierce (114), Maggie Tevis (111).

 Don Pierce:  Dr. Don is not only a talented and dedicated Mud Shark, but he is very creative at designing the Swimmer of the Month bulletin boards!  He is an original Mud Shark joining the team early on in 1990, and has been a loyal member since.  Kudos for Don:  helping 2 relays make the U.S. Top Ten (one ranking 2nd in the nation!), being 4th overall for attendance, and having the honor of being our February Swimmer of the Month.  Thank you for being such a loyal Mud Shark.

 Maggie Tevis:  Maggie is one strong woman!  She joined the Mud Sharks in 1990 and has quite a story to tell about that! Ask her about it sometime! Maggie helped 5 relays rank in the U.S. Top Ten, including one taking 2nd in the nation!  She was 5th overall for meet points and attendance.  Maggie is one of the most dedicated Mud Sharks I have ever known, always looking out for the future of the team.  That’s another story to share some time!

“Big 5” for Meet Points:  Annette Coholan (400 points), Greg Laudenslager (185), Eric van Boer (164), Linda Hepworth (153), Maggie Tevis (128)

Eric van Boer:  Ripping van Boer had quite a few obstacles this year (i.e. hurt shoulder, illness, deep cut in the finger, dog bite) yet he still managed to rank #3 in meet points.  Eric was ranked 10th in the nation in his age group for 50 yards back with an amazing time of 29.76.  He also contributed to one relay making the U.S. Top Ten.  The awards party wouldn’t be the same without his creative “Best of the Year” media presentation!  We appreciate what you do!

Linda Hepworth:  Go, girl, go!  Being an author and a fabulous wait person just isn’t enough.  Linda is also such a talented swimmer ranking 4th overall on the team for meet points.  She helped 5 relays make the U.S. Top Ten, including one that finished 3rd in the nation!  Linda has the best sense of humor and if you want to see it in action, go to Chalet Basque or better yet, to one of her book events! She is about to release a book on swimming that might make me have to leave the area…more on that later.

Most Improved Mud Sharks:  Patty Alushin and Danny Kao!

Patty Alushin:  Patty joined the team years ago to cross train with her running to try to develop upper arm strength.  Well…anyone watching Patty in the pool certainly knows she has accomplished more than that!  Her strokes are pretty darn good and her speed has really come along.  Patty does not like to go first in a lane, so I just sit back and watch her gain on the swimmer in front, touching their toes, until finally someone suggests she go first in the lane.  Such a talented athlete!  She had double the attendance this year than last year ranking  7th overall on the team for attendance.  She was also our April Swimmer of the Month.  Now….to get her to a swim meet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Danny Kao:  Danny was off swimming with the penguins in Antarctica at the time of the awards party as part of his retirement plan to hit every continent within one year.  Between his trips, somehow he manages to swim not only beautifully but swiftly…he’s always up with the leaders giving them a run for their money! I am hoping to get Danny to a swim meet..perhaps squeezed in between Viet Nam and Timbuktu?  Not only does Danny add a competitive edge to the workouts he attends, but his sense of humor keeps everyone going!